Bodyguards: Out with the Old and in with the New

In the past few years, personal protection and bodyguards have seen a dramatic increase in popularity. While the goal is still the same: to protect those who are in the spotlight from external threats, the game has changed significantly.

The bodyguards of the future will not be simple-minded, muscular bound thugs who are skilled in the art of ripping knee caps. These bodyguards are highly skilled professionals who seek higher education to ensure that they provide the best service and protection for their clients.

Modern technology, like nearly all industry developments, close protection services in London can be credited for many advances in bodyguarding and personal protection services. Bodyguards can now communicate with their crew members via cell phones, text messages or two-way radio.

Although communication radios have been a common bodyguard device for many years, there are more communication options now than ever before. It can be very important to have the ability to communicate with other bodyguards while operating an assignment.

Personal protection is also a key feature of automobile tracking systems. LoJack, an automobile tracking system that allows customers to see the location of their vehicle and help them locate it is able to assist local authorities in the event of a theft.

Guards may even be equipped with mobile monitors to track the location of clients’ vehicles at all times.

This is important for bodyguards who are required to arrive early to check the safety of the area. You can also use additional equipment to detect chemical substances and agents that could be used in bomb-making.

These could prove to be very useful in the examination of motor vehicles and structures for possible threats.

Modern technology has not made everything easier for bodyguards. It is much more difficult to protect the privacy and security public figures and celebrities via the internet.

The paparazzi have a new way to advertise their disapproval of the privacy of celebrities, actors, musicians, athletes, and government officials. Now, bodyguards must contend with celebrity websites that make a sport of stalking people who are just trying to live their normal lives.

The September 11 attacks changed the face of America and brought about some very important changes in private security. The bodyguards must be more aware of all potential threats and be able deal with them all. This includes chemical warfare, as well as other terrorist attacks.

The security standards and the number of bodyguards in the US were raised immediately after the attack on the United States. This trend will likely not change anytime soon. The country’s path has been towards terrified and carefully protected men and women, for better or worse. Celebrities and other public figures will need bodyguards more than ever before. The job requirements are also much more difficult.

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